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Diseases of the Eye

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Diseases of the Eye

You see the world with your eyes. Take a try and close your eyes for like 5 minutes keeping this thought in your mind that you cannot see, you will not be able to see ever.

Come on, do it…


Tell me how do you feel about it? Felt the darkness? Felt totally suffocated?

Now do a little more physical tricks with your eyes, squint them, try to crimp them inside out for a while, ask someone to blow some air into your eyes, or just think how does it feel when they itch?

Oh my goodness, it is one hell of an experience to play pranks on your eyes, because it just does not feel comfortable at all to feel any bad thing happening with this organ. Why? Obviously it is understood, nay?

It is the most sensitive part of your body and it is what constitutes the entire world for you. Your eyes mean life to you and if there is trouble with them, you cannot frigging life a peaceful life.

Now, I am sure you understand the quality of service these two beautiful eyes give you and why do you have to take care of them properly.

But this is not what we usually do. We do not take care of our eyes; we do not care if they are exposed to dust, sunlight or any foreign particle that can harm them. Only when the deal is done that you realize how important they were for you and how miserable any condition to the eye except normal feels.

Today, I will let you know of some diseases that can damage your eyes. These diseases are so common and they so easily come that you do not even get to know about them, but when it happens, they make your world turn upside down for sure!

This may also be one of the conditions any one of you might be going through. So let us just take an insight to the common eye problems and check if you are suffering from any one of them, it will help you look into the matter more clearly and go see a doctor if something serious is there, otherwise you can just notice that nothing is wrong and take a deep breath of peace.

Macular Degeneration:

This is common eye problem but it is related to the elder people. This Macular Degeneration develops with age as the macular area of the eye starts losing its vision. The patient does not even know about it when it comes because it is a slow process which takes place with time. One point comes when it gets totally difficult for them to carry on even the normal tasks and that is when the patient realizes that they have lost their proper vision.

This problem can also develop early if the patient is obese and smokes a lot. If you do not smoke and maintain your body then you can delay the problem to a great extent or it might not occur at all.


Cataract is a problem which causes the formation of a clouded or opaque layer on the lens. This layer hardens with time and causes the vision to blur and appear double. It also makes you not able to properly identify the colors. You cannot see things at a distance because of it.

There are many causes of it. Sometimes in older people it develops with the age. In young people it can develop because of some illness or excessive smoking. Some of the babies who have cataract are born with this condition.
The way to get rid of cataract is only one and that is surgery. Today, the new laser surgery has made the treatment of cataract much easier than before.


This is an eye condition in which a patient gets in a progressive and an irreversible loss of eye sight. This is a severe problem. It happens due to the damaging of the patient’s optic nerve.

There are two forms of Glaucoma:

1. Open Angle Glaucoma:

It takes place with the passage of time; the patient does not get to know about it until the vision is completely lost.

2. Close Angle Glaucoma:

It happens suddenly. It does not progress over time. Its progress is really quick.

The treatment of Glaucoma patient is done through either surgery or by the use of eye drops. It is very important for the patient to keep a regular visit to the doctor and to keep a follow up.


It is a condition which is also called as “Lazy Eye”. In some cases it happens that the part of the brain which is related to this lazy eye does not completely develop. It develops abnormally. The result is reduced sensitivity to spatial activity, contrast and motion. The overall processing and functioning of the eye is slow.

This problem is seen in 1-1.5% of the children which are born. For the treatment of Amblyopia tow methods are used:

  1. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  2. Vision Therapy


Squinting is the eye condition which is seen most commonly in this day and age. In this condition, the patient has got a misalignment between the two eyes.

So, when a squint person looks, it seems like the patient’s one eye is looking at one place and the other eye is looking somewhere else totally different from the point on which the first eye is focusing.

There is no usual cause that can be said as the reason which leads to this problem. People are born with this condition normally.
The treatment to this condition can be done through surgery only in the case that the refractive error of the patient is diagnosed.

Dry Eye:

This is a condition getting very common in our society. It happens due to the lack of lubrication to the lens. It happens normally because of an excessive use of computers because the patient keeps on looking at the computer screens for hours. But there can be other reasons as well including environmental conditions and ageing.

Eye Allergy:

Many people get allergies in the eye and their eyes become red and cause them to itch and cause difficult to see. There is an excessive amount of tears coming out of their eye for no reason at all. This is a condition which takes place from things that makes your eye allergic to something. It can be sunlight; it can be dust or any other thing.

The treatment to allergy is possible but it cannot be really cured. Once you are allergic to something it stays for as long as you live. But you can reduce it and deal with it by using eye drops and medicines.

So, these are some common eye diseases that are diagnosed by the doctors, if only you get a regular check up and maintain a follow exam at least one in six months and twice a year, you can help yourself in staying safe from any of the potential diseases.


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